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International Affairs

CBNU Korean Language Program, which has been founded in July 2000, is designed for foreigners and overseas Koreans who need Korean language ability in order to study or get a job in Korea. This program is run by 4 semester per year and a class consists of about 15 students and students are designated to Basic, Intermediate and advanced level based on their level. Also, we aim our students to continue their study to degree program after they complete their comprehensive program that consists of listening, speaking, writing and reading.

Currently, more than 330 students from China, Japan, Vietnam, Spain, Mongolia, Uzbekistan etc. are studying at our school and more than 2,600 students have completed our program and are studying or working in Korea.

Additionally, we also provide our students with cultural activities that let them to have deeper understanding of Koran culture. It helps our students find a job that has similarity with Korea, which contributes to provoke social-economic exchange and reputation.

CBNU Korean Language Program is now the most prominent Korean Language Center in central district based on our academic experiences.

Level placement and opening is subject to change.
Course Level Educational Goal
Regular Course Basic 1 Can understand and write Korean alphabet
Can understand the system of pronunciation and phoneme and pronounce correctly
Can understand and use the structure of sentence and tense
Can make use of daily expressions such as greetings, grocery shopping etc.
2 Can distinguish between vocabulary for older and younger people depending on situation
Can understand daily and basic conversation and circumstance
Can pass entry level of TOPIK
Intermediate 3 Can carry on a simple conversation with grammar and vocab of Level 1
Can use idioms and chinese character idioms besides simple conversation
Can understand and explain Korean culture and society
Can pass TOPIK level 3 or 4
4 Can use spoken and written language depending on specific circumstance using the grammar and vocab learned from level 1,2 and 3
Can handle political, economic, social and cultural issues
Can understand conversation, discussion and documentary
Can have knowledge of common sense and language for degree program
Can pass TOPIK level 4
Advanced 5 Can utilize Korean grammar to carry out complicated activities
Can extend a range of vocabulary with Korean social and cultural information and understand the way how Korean people think.
Can carry out discussion about social issues
Can understand specific terms related to history
Can understand language for university activities
Can pass TOPIK level 5
6 Can understand various academic contents used for degree program
Can make a speech expressing own ideas and thoughts fluently
Can search, organize and report various information in Korean