Office of
International Services

· Applicants are foreigners or overseas Korean who have completed high school or equivalent educational curriculum
· Applicants must be over 18 and have completed 12 years of education in terms of Korean curriculum
· Applicants who do not have any problem in entering Korea
Submit Documents → Screening Documents → Local Interview (Interview & Application for Domestic applicants → Announcement → Issuance of Admission Letter → Submit VISA documents → Tuition Payment → VISA Process → Arrival
※ In terms of overseas applicants, one year of Tuition fee MUST be paid with application.

Chinese Applicant
No. Documents to be subimitted Remark
1 Application for admission (2 certified photos-for passport)     
2 Copy of applicant's passport  
3 Applicants and a copy of ID card for all family members  
4 Original graduation certificate or transcript (graduate certificate can be replaced by a certificate of expected graduation in the case of the third year of high school)  
5 Select one of the ab below and prepare the original (Chinese students)
a. Issued by China 中國高等敎育學力認證報告書
b. Issued by China 高考成績或會考合格認證書
6 Original deposit certificate (bank balance $ 9,000) Student → Bank balance in the name of the student  
7 Original copy of family register (for Chinese students)
1) In case of separate family members: Notarization of proof of kinship relationship (Korean or English)
2) In case of divorce of parents: Original divorce or divorce decision(confirmation of custody of invitee, etc.)
3) In case of death: Original death certificate
4) In case of remarriage: Copy of divorce card with ex-husband
8 Korean Identity Guarantee     

Overseas Applicants for Non-Chinese Countries
No. Documents to be subimitted Remark
1 Application for admission, 2 ID photos (for passport)     
2 Apostille graduation certificate, transcript(verification of final school graduation)  
3 Documents proving family relations (verification of personal and family relations (certifying family relations))  
4 Original deposit balance certificate (owner and parent)
Confirmation of the ability to pay the tuition fee $ 9,000 (Proof of bank balance of US $ 9,000-US $ 9 million)
5 Confirm the identity of the person and the whole family by photo  
6 Passport: number and accurate personal information are required for computerized copy of passport  
7 Korean Identity Guarantee     
8 A copy of the identity guarantor's identity, proof of employment A copy of the identity guarantor and identification of a Korean with a certain job Proof of identity guarantor's employment  
※ Most of the above documents are documents that are commonly used to obtain a visa.
  (Documents that are not in English or Korean must be notarized in English or Korean before submitting them.)
  If you apply for admission from our university with the documents you have submitted, you will receive
  5,200,000 won per day for 4 hours (4 semesters-1 year) Tuition) or 6,000,000 won-6 hours per day (4 semesters-1 year tuition) must be paid

※ Admission fees, insurance premiums, and dormitory fees are paid separately.
  You can receive it. You can obtain a visa by visiting the Korean (English) embassy of the Republic of Korea with these documents and the original documents sent to us.

A transfer applicant
No. Documents to be subimitted Remark
1 Application for admission (2 photos)     
2 certificate of graduation and official transcript (copy available)  
3 passport  
4 alien registration card  
5 Certificate of enrollment, grade-attendance certificate of the current university (language school) (original version only)  
6 Certificate of bank balance ($ 7,000-7 million)-(Original)  
7 Certificate of foreign insurance
(* If not enrolled, foreign insurance must be obtained upon admission to the school.)

Applicants in Korea (*Domestic Visa Consumers)
No. Documents to be subimitted Remark
1 Application for admission     
2 certificate of graduation and official transcript  
3 Alien registration card and copy of passport  
4 Marriage certificate (only applicable person)  

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