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  3. Korean Language Program(KLP)
  4. Dormitory (Room & Board)
    1) CBNU Dormitory Website (link)
    2) Fact sheet (Download)
    ▣ CBNU Dormitory(Room & Board)
    • 1. Application(Freshmen & Trasnfer)
      • A. How to Apply
        • - Period: During the applicatio period
        • - How: Apply via the website 【
          • : Fill in the check box( ) and choose the meal plan(Non/5days/7days per week)
          • : Pay the application fee → ‘Completed’
      • B. Payment
        • - Period: Mid-July → Check it out on the CBNU Dormitory website(
        • - Meal type and fees
          [Monetary Unit: Korean Won(₩), per semester]
        • Dormitory Room Type Meal plan 2020 Spring(110days) Notes
          7 days of meal per week 5 days of meal per week
          (No weekends)
          BTL 2 in 1room O (KRW)₩1,248,500 (KRW)₩1,125,500 3meals
          a day
          YHJ 2 in 1room O (KRW)₩1,193,500 (KRW)₩1,086,400 3meals
          a day
          X (KRW)₩510,400
          Dormitory Room Type Meal plan
          BTL 2 in 1room O
          YHJ 2 in 1room O
          2020 Spring(110days) Notes
          7 days of meal per week 5 days of meal per week
          (No weekends)
          (KRW)₩1,248,500 (KRW)₩1,125,500 3meals
          a day
          (KRW)₩1,193,500 (KRW)₩1,086,400 3meals
          a day
        • ※ All applicants must check out the CBNU dormitory website for payment schedule.
            If the payment is NOT completed within the deadline, the application will be canceled automatically
        • ※ Dormitory fee may be changed according to the conditions of dormitory
        • ※ Overseas transaction will cause you to pay extra $10 for commission. Please add it up to your fee,
          so that your payment goes through properly.
          [Overseas Remittance]
          • Name of Account: CHUNGBUK NATIONAL UNIVERSITY
          • Name of Bank: Nong Hyup Bank
          • Address of Bank
          : 1, Chungdae-ro, Seowon-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do,
          Republic of Korea
          • Swift code: NACFKRSEXXX
          • Approval code: 304050
          [Domestic NongHyup ATM Users Only]
          • NongHyup Branch Number: 304 / Approval code: 304050
      • C. Inquiry
        • - Yangsungjae(BTL): ☏ +82-43-261-3675, 2926
        • - Yanghyunjae(YHJ): ☏ +82-43-261-2932
        • - CBNU Dormitory website:
  5. Curriculum & Department
  6. How To Apply

    ① Download and fill out all application forms above.
    ② Upload all application materials on
    ③ Finish your application by paying the application fee.
    ④ Print out the receipt of application and attach it to the envelope.
    ⑤Send/Bring the application materials that have all original documents to the below address by domestic/international post.

    충북대학교 국제교류본부
    [28644] 충청북도 청주시 서원구 충대로1 국제교류본부(151호) 외국인특별전형 담당자

    Office of International Services
    Chungbuk National University
    1 Chungdae-ro, Seowon-gu, Cheongju, Chungbuk, Republic of Korea, 28644
    TEL : +82-43-261-3841