Office of
International Affairs



Must meet one of the following requirements

A. [Korean] TOPIK Lv. 3 or higher

B. [English] TOEFL 530(CBT 197, iBT 71), IELTS 5.5, CEFR B2, TEPS 600(NEW TEPS 326)

C. [English as Official Mother tongue] Applicants from one of these 7 following countries

7 English speaking countries as mother tongue: USA, UK, Canada, Republic of South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland.

D. [CBNU Recommendation] Able to receive the recommendation(Form3-1) from CBNU prospective academic advisor even though the applicants do NOT have any official language certificates

All language certificates must be valid until the 1st semester begins

The language certificates submitted during the admission process have nothing to do with the language requirements for your Graduation

All applicants must submit one of the following language requirements to be able to qualify your graduation requirements according to CBNU Graduate school specific regulation



Int’l students Over 520 Over 193 Over 69 Over 6.0 Over 600 Over 327 Over 650 Over Lv.4

All documents must be submitted in original form before deadline

Application·Admission will be invalidated if final/original docs are not submitted before semester begins

Required documents Ms Combined Doc Form Notes
Application Form
Refer to the attachment(PDF)Application Guide
Statement of     Purpose [Form1]  
Letter of Consent [Form2]  
Certificate of     (expected)Graduation /Bachelor’s degree     Refer to below
Academic Verification

You should prepare 2 original pieces of these academic virification documents

(One for admission, the other for VISA)

If you expect to graduate CBNU, submit the certificate of expected completion
Transcript of     Bachelor’s course    
Certificate of     (expected)Graduation /Master’s degree      
Transcript of     Master’s course      
Certificate of     Language Proficiency   Must be valid until the 1st semester begins Refer to above
Eligibility for Language Proficiency
Proof of Familiar     Relationship   Refer to below
Proof of Familiar Relationship
Copy of Alien Card (FrontBack sides)   Only students in Korea
Copy of Passport   No later than VISA process
Financial Proof [Form3] [Form3-2] Refer to below
Financial Proof
Recommendation by     previous university’s     academic advisor Free [Intensive Course] If the academic advisors passed away or are not employed anymore, it can be issued by the current dept.‘s dean or dean of the international office
Recommendation by     CBNU prospective     academic advisor [Form3-1]  

You may be required to submit additional document by us for further verification process

’: Must, ‘’: Optional

Important Notes

<Combined Master’s and Doctoral Program>

The normally required documents are same as <Master’s program>, BUT the additional 3 more documents(, , ) are required if you are a current Master’s course student and have achieved more than 15credits

CBNU Graduate school Master’s program_Certificate of Enrollment.(Certificate of expected completion is NOT considered)

CBNU Graduate school Master’s program_Transcript.

CBNU Graduate school Master’s program_2022 Spring Proof of course registration

(If you are taking Research Project(연구과제), you must receive ‘Fail’ after consultation with your professor.)

(Dept. of Fine arts and Design) Applicants MUST submit their own portfolio and [Form 4]
Size of Portfolio binder: A4, any type of work can be placed within 10pieces
Portfolio can NOT be returned
(Original Doc.) Original documents can be returned if it can NOT be issued again in your country
If you expect to graduate, you MUST submit final certificate of graduation and transcript before the 1st     semester begins
​​​​​​▣ Scholarship_Graduate
Factors For whom TOPIK and GPA Benefits
TOPIK & GPA Int’l students 1st semester <Newly admitted to Master’s after graduating CBNU Undergrad.>
Lv. B1: TOPIK Lv. 5 + Grade A0 Lv. B2: TOPIK Lv. 5 + Grade B+ Lv. B1: 80% off of tuition Lv. B2: 40% off of tuition
<Newly admitted to Doctoral after graduating CBNU Master’s>
Lv. B1: TOPIK Lv. 5 + Grade A0 Lv. B2: TOPIK Lv. 5 + Grade B+ Lv. B1: 80% off of tuition Lv. B2: 40% off of tuition
<All applicants>
Lv. C: All applicants Lv. C: 20% off of tuition
From 2nd semester Lv. B1: TOPIK Lv. 5 + Grade A0 Lv. B2: TOPIK Lv. 5 + Grade B+ Lv. C: TOPIK Lv. 4 + Grade B+ Lv. B1: 80% off of tuition Lv. B2: 40% off of tuition Lv. C: 20% off of tuition
The certificate of TOPIK must be valid until the 1st semester begins. If not, that will NOT be cnsidered