Office of
International Services

Dean's Message
Greetings from
Office of International Services (OIS)

Office of International Services (OIS) of Chungbuk National University has been serving as a leader in the Global era cooperating with many universities and educational institutions. However, in the reality of the radical change led by globalization and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the circumstances are not the best considering the difficult economic condition and COVID-19 pandemic.

How do we cope with such difficulties?
First, we will become a leader of international cooperation through quantitative expansion. We will spare no effort to increase the opportunities of global exchange by establishing international affiliations with numerous universities. The range of global exchange will not be limited only to those preferred universities in the US or Europe, but include universities in friendly countries such as China, Vietnam or Mongolia so that we can recruit more outstanding students.

Secondly, we will do our best to grow in quality so that we can cultivate great human resources for the ever-changing times. Alongside the quantitative expansion of great students, we will upgrade the qualitative mechanism so that students can grow and succeed in the globalizing and Fourth Industrial Revolution era. Not only will we better our Korean Language Program in more effective ways, but also enhance educational mechanisms for other foreign languages.

Thirdly, we will serve as a platform where our international students can rest, have fun, and experience Korean culture. We will not only offer convenience and benefits when it comes to visa, dormitory, and scholarships, but also become a shelter and a cultural tie for our students.

Finally, we are eager to spread the philosophy of globalization, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, human respect and cultural exchange which is becoming an indispensable value in our lives. These values of philosophy will not change whether the COVID-19 pandemic ends or not. However, we are willing to become the forerunner of such philosophical value in the face of adversity.

It is true that there are hardships such as climate change, the global pandemic, and economic downturn recently. However, as Arnold J. Toynbee said, history is a repetition of challenge and response. OIS is ready to “respond” to such “challenges” we face today. How about joining our new journey of the “response?”

Cheer up~!!