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■ 2021-1 COVID-19 Factsheet for Int'l Student 작성일 2021.03.04 조회수 559



Plan for protection and management of international students for the first semester of 2021



All international students entering Korea need to take three COVID-19(PCR) tests before being released from quarantine

ㅇ International students must submit a negative COVID-19(PCR) test result issued within 72 hours* prior to departure from their home country. Those without a negative PCR test result will be denied to enter Korea

* Depart at 10:00 on January 10, 2021, the document only issued after 12am on January 7, 2021 will be accepted.

ㅇ COVID-19(PCR) test is conducted at the clinic* having jurisdiction over the self-quarantine place within a day after entry, and additional test will be conducted before being released from 14-day self-quarantine

ㅇ Those who leave the quarantine area without permission or fail to comply with quarantine guidelines, will be required to wear a tracking safety wrist band, or be quarantined in a separated quarantine facility(at your own expense), and can face a penalty or will be deported.

ㅇ If a self-quarantine violator is infected with COVID-19, the violator will pay the full amount of quarantine hospitalization treatment cost.


Establish an immigration management plan for international students by university and share immigration information with local governments (international students enter the country within quarantine management conditions)