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[NIIED] Study in Korea Education Fair with Local Governments 2021(지자체와 함께하는 한국유학박람회) 작성일 2021.11.30 조회수 969

[Study in Korea Education Fair with Local Governments 2021]

It is our pleasure to announce that NIIED will hold “2021 Study in Korea Online Education Fair(the Second half)” for international students.

  1. Name of the event: 2021 Study in Korea Online Education Fair(The Second half)
  2. Date:  ~ Dec 5th (Sun)    
  3. Introduction of main contents
    - Studying in Korea, scholarship programs, information about Korean Universities, online application, online consultation, Live Chat
  4. Participating universities: 97 universities
  5. How to access and join the online education fair (Please see the attachment.)
    - Visit the Study in Korea website ( to select the online education fair link.
    - Complete the registration and visit the website during the online education fair.


[2021 지자체와 함께하는 한국유학박람회 개최 안내]

교육부 국립국제교육원에서는 『2021 지자체와 함께하는 한국유학박람회』를 아래와 같이 개최합니다.

1. 행사명: 2021 지자체와 함께하는 한국유학박람회(하반기)

2. 일자: ~ 2021. 12. 5.(일) 까지

3. 주요메뉴소개

  o 한국유학안내, 장학금제도, 대학정보, 온라인 입학신청, 온라인 상담, 채팅상담 등

4. 참가대학: 97개교

5. 접속 및 참가방법

  o 한국유학종합시스템 웹사이트(에 접속하여 박람회 링크선택

  o 등록(Registration) 후 박람회 기간 중 사이트방문