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2022.04.22 [Moscow State Linguistic University] Efremova Arina



Major : Political Science and Diplomacy


Nationality : Russia

Home University : Moscow State Linguistic University


Q1. Reasons for applying for Chungbuk National University(CBNU) Exchange Student Program.

I chose to apply for Chungbuk National University(CBNU) Exchange Student Program on the advice of my groupmates from my home university (Moscow State Linguistic University) who had been here the semester earlier. They really liked the quality of education, the university campus, the city itself and many other things, so I was immediately interested in CBNU.


Q2. Good points as an exchange student.

Being an exchange student is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the country of your specialization, to get an unforgettable experience of interacting with native speakers and their culture.


Q3. Characteristics and strengths you would like to introduce to other friends

For me, as a specialist in Korea, it is quite interesting to be in this cultural and linguistic environment, and the longer I stay here, the more valuable and interesting my immersion experience is. Also, the CBNU campus itself is quite a cozy place and I really enjoy my time here learning new things and meeting interesting people from all over the world.


I would like to highlight the excellent infrastructure of Cheongju. There is something to see, there are many different shops, services and the like. There is very clean air and beautiful landscapes right on the streets of the city. Not least, there is a very low crime rate, so you can enjoy evening walks and views.




Q4. Advice to your juniors before entering Korea

The most important advice is to take care of everything in advance. Applying for a visa, buying tickets and other organizational issues.



Q5. Recommended places in Korea and Cheongju

I would recommend visiting Suamgol Village in Cheonju. This is an interesting place where you can walk among the residential houses, painted with various cute graffiti. There is also a small observation deck with a beautiful view of the city. Not far from the site there is a beautiful cafe with delicious drinks and a suitable place for a photo (installation of a staircase to the sky).


Q6. Difficulties as a foreign exchange student in Korea.

The biggest difficulty is the language barrier, especially if you do not know Korean very well. Because of this, various misunderstandings occur, since not all native speakers know English.




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