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2022.04.19 [Bordeaux Montaigne University] A french exchange student in CBNU


Major : The Liberal Studies Major

Nationality : France

Home University : Bordeaux Montaigne University


Q1. Reasons for applying for Chungbuk National University(CBNU) Exchange Student Program.

As Korean is my major in college, I chose South Korea first because it was the most relevant choice. I put Chungbuk University in my choices because I wanted a university that wasn't in Seoul, and since I already knew Chungnam University, the area was a little familiar to me. Being in a city other than Seoul is also an opportunity to practice Korean more. The campus is very big and nice, and there are good teachers. There are also many opportunities to meet new people.




Q2. Characteristics and strengths you would like to introduce to other friends

Living in Cheongju has many advantages. First of all, the location of the city, close to the center, is an hour and a half from Seoul by bus, and all the other cities are very easy to reach. It's a very quiet city, and less polluted than other big cities. There are also many things to visit in North and South Chungcheong, and nearby are also the cities of Daejeon and Sejong.


Q3. How do you feel about living in Korea

Since this is my third time traveling to South Korea, I already knew a little about the way of life. However, living there is a little different, especially in several aspects: for example, Korean food is very different from French food, and especially very spicy. There is a lot of cultural differences between Korea and France, and I think there are very few similarities.

Q4. Advice to your juniors before entering Korea

I think the first advice I have to give would be that it's necessary to have a few basics in the Korean language before coming to Korea. You have to keep in mind that not everyone necessarily speaks English, and sometimes communication can be difficult. It is also necessary to learn about the culture and lifestyle of Koreans, because there are habits in some cultures that can be shocking or even offensive to others.


Q5. Do you want to come to Chungbuk National University or Korea again?

I'd like to come back to Korea if I have the chance, but I'd like to go to another university, like Chungnam University or Busan University, for example. I would like to visit other cities in Korea.

Q6. Recommended places in Korea and Cheongju

In Korea, there are a lot of things to visit. In Seoul, there are Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung palaces, Namsan Tower, Hongdae, Hyehwa and Itaewon, Lotte World Tower and Lotte World Adventure Park right next to it. In Cheongju, there is a hyanggyo temple, and also the Nogeun-ri Peace at one hour from the city. Around Daejeon, you can visit the Baekje Historical Area.


Q7. Difficulties as a foreign exchange student in Korea.

I think the biggest difficulties I'm experiencing as an exchange student are mainly language and lifestyle. Although I've been learning Korean for a long time, I'm not fluent, and sometimes I find it hard to understand and make myself understood. Being away from family and friends can also be a little complicated for some people.


Q8. Other things that you want to say

I still think I'm lucky to have this opportunity to study in Korea in Cheongju, and I'm going to be able to learn a lot during my trip here.

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