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2022.08.09 [Chinese Culture University] A day in the Life of an Exchange Student in CBNU

Name: Chiang, Bing-Lian

Major: Korean Language and Literature

Nationality: Taiwan

Home University: Chinese Culture University




Q1. Reasons for applying for Chungbuk National University Exchange Student Program

I have lived in Capital since I was in Taiwan, so I always want to live in a place that is more relaxed and cozier rather than big cities such as Seoul or Busan. After talking over with my seniors, who was fomer ESP student of Chungbuk National University, I decided to apply for Chungbuk National University, and I was honored to be selected in Chungbuk National’s Exchange Student Program.





Q2. Good points as CBNU exchange student

Chungbuk National University was one of the schools that selected in Korea the Ministry of Education's BK21 (Brain Korea 21) Program, which provides better educational resources to students than other schools. especially students from Chinese Culture University can receive 50 % reduction in dormitory fee during the semester. In addition, Office of International Service of the school is actively seeking exchange students from Taiwan, and the staff really take good care of the Taiwanese students. When you have difficulties or hard time in Korea, you can ask Teacher and Global supporters who are always willing to help you out.


Q3. Characteristics and strengths you would like to introduce to other friends

Cheongju is located in central Korea, It’s similar to Changhua and Taichung when in comparison with Taiwan. Cheongju is relatively cheap and convenient for transportation, when you want to travel to Seoul it only takes half an hour by express bus and three hours to Busan.

If you are not obsessed with idols, Cheongju is a good place to exchange.




Q4. How do you feel about living in Korea

When crossing a crossroad, vehicles are bound to be polite to pedestrians, even it still has plenty of space, they still stop and wait for pedestrians, which is unimaginable in Taiwan.

And there is a Korea dining culture called hoesik(회식) It’s useful to know as it will help you bound with Korean friends and become better acquainted with them. But be careful, lot of alcohol will served during dining time and there’s second dining, third dining…, So before you come Korea, make sure where is your alcohol tolerance.





Q5. Advice to your juniors before entering Korea

Don't be too confident in the efficiency of Taiwan University, if you haven't received the documents at time, be sure to call and exerting pressure on them.






Q6. Recommended places in Korea and Cheongju

I love to watch the sea, so almost all the travel destinations I've visited are by the sea. Gangneung of Gangwon-do, Haeundae and Songdo of Busan are all great travel destinations. Especially when you take crystal cable car from Songdo and look down at the incomparable sky-blue of Busan, you can feel that this trip is really worth the price.





Q7. What is your favorite food and what food you can’t eat in Korea

In Korea, pork belly-related foods can't be bad! In particular, the Busan Dwaeji-gukbap(돼지국밥)restaurant has excellent pork belly called Suyuk(수육), which is boiled to the point where it is cooked, Suyuk (수육)is really delicious when it comes with lettuce, garlic, and sauce.






Q8. What is the most memorable event during exchange student programs? Or what event do you recommend?

The atmosphere of the school festival in Korea is very different from Taiwan. During the two- three-day school festival, students prepare a series of performances and activities, and most importantly, the school invites famous artists to perform on campus. If you've never been to Korea University’s festival, don't tell others that you've been to Korea as an exchange student!



Q9. Difficulties as a foreign exchange student in Korea

The first two months in Korea without alien registration card are really inconvenient because everything requires real-name authentication (etc: online shopping, tickets, account opening). When I go to other cities or counties, Cause I can't buy high-speed bus tickets online, so I had to spend more time and effort on buying tickets. Or choose the KTX, which is way more expensive than the Bus.



Q10. Other things that you want to say

First, I wish the students who exchange to Korea will have a lot of precious memories and experiences during the exchange period, meet new friends in Korea, and have fun learning. But remember, you are not only an exchange students, you are also responsible for national diplomats, and every move you make affects the image of our country. Being too out of line can lead to the loss of opportunities for exchange among later

students, so be sure to keep your place and avoid disturbing others.

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