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2022.06.24 [University of Tours] My long way to South Korea, summed up in a short part of life


Major : The Liberal Majors

Nationality : France

Home University : University of Tours



Q1. Reasons for applying for Chungbuk National University Exchange Student Program

I had to do a university internship abroad as part of my studies in France. This internship was supposed to be a continuation of my training. For my part, I am pursuing a LEA (License in Applied Foreign Languages).

In France, I primarily studied Marketing, Management, Law, and Economics, but I also studied languages such as English, Chinese, and Spanish. Outside of class through an association called "France Asie Culture," which promotes exchanges between the West and the East, I studied Korean.

To be honest, this isn't my first trip to South Korea; thanks to a school exchange, I've previously visited the country's major cities. I was also able to greet and accompany Korean visitors in France.

However, this is the first time that I have had the opportunity to study subjects that interest me in CBNU. In addition, I may be able to return to your lovely country. As a result, I'd like to thank not only the faculty and staff at this university, but also all my friends, for welcoming and teaching me.




Q2. Good points as CBNU exchange student

At CBNU, many students from various nationalities can live together, help each other, and come together to share their knowledge and joy of living. They could form very strong bonds that will guide them later in life towards their convictions and their future. The events organized by the university, or the various clubs make this university very lively and energic. The proximity of transportation and other services such as restaurants, cafes, and banks are a significant benefit.


Q3. Characteristics and strengths you would like to introduce to other friends

I'd like to introduce my friends to clubs and festivals. Better yet, I'd like to see them participate in or at least try out for each of these clubs. Even though there are numerous clubs, not all of them are immediately accessible. Sometimes you must pay a fee or a registration fee, and I believe that this is both a strength and a weakness. Because every student should be able to try an activity they are interested in, without regard for social or academic constraints or restrictions.



The Buddy Exchange Program is a good program, but I'm sure many Korean students would like to exchange with foreigners and make new friends. There should be a cultural program that brings together Korean classes and foreigners on outings around the city, such as around a meal.

The courses and exchange program are both satisfactory, and there is a wide range of options. They are a genuine opportunity for anyone to gain experience. The faculty, like Cheongju city, is enormous, but getting lost in it is a real pleasure. Observing and sometimes even participating in the daily lives of the residents will be a memorable experience that I will not forget.

There are numerous activities near the faculty, including karaoke, games rooms and video game rooms, cafes, and occasionally themed restaurants. However, photo booths are always available to help you preserve your memories.





Q4. How do you feel about living in Korea

Although Korea appears to be a very connected country, Wi-Fi is not available everywhere. In terms of food, you always eat a lot of spicy food, which can be difficult for some Westerners. You live in a country that values respect, prosperity, and security. Therefore, in addition to Hallyu waves, your country is gaining popularity. Kpop, K-drama, and K-product. I've always had positive experiences here, and I intend to return. (나는약속해요!)





Q5. Advice to your juniors before entering Korea

I advise future students to take advantage of this invaluable opportunity. It must be thoroughly planned and organized. Also, they must be able to read and, if possible, speak Hangeul in order to function freely. Take as little luggage as possible because I guarantee your suitcases will be full of extraordinary memories when you return. Tried to communicate as much as possible, even if the person in front of you, for example, did not speak English. You can request a writing, a drawing, or even a sign. Yes, there is a language barrier, but you, do not choose to be limited. You are all human beings with your own opinions, and you may or may not share the same desires and needs.






Q6. Recommended places in Korea and Cheongju

Sangdangsanseong Fortress, Cheongju Early Printing Museum, Munam ecological parc, Suamgol mural village, Street Rodeo and Street Sunhwan-ro Yukjeori traditional market, Coffee shop 라비린스 et 애니멀빌리지 Yonghwasa temple.



Q7. What is your favorite food and what food you can’t eat in Korea

Bimbimbap, Kimbap, Samgyeopsal, fries, and any fried food, such as chicken with beer, are my favorites. But I can't eat spicy foods (고추장). This make me cry, and I couldn't taste any of the ingredients. It's almost as if I'm paralyzed.




Q8. What is the most memorable event during exchange student programs? Or what event do you recommend?

For my part, my most memorable event was when, for the first time, I gathered a large group of friends of various nationalities, and we simply played games and ate food together as part of the Korean lifestyle in Cheongju streets.

I saw a baseball game from the Taurus team for the first time. I really appreciate that if these boys read this, I should write Thank you for everything and (화이팅) whether on the ground or in your lives, gentlemen, you are warriors!




Q9. Difficulties as a foreign exchange student in Korea

I believe the difficulties stemmed from the language barrier, the lack of Wi-Fi to translat e, and the abundance of spicy food. Everything else is perfect.






Q10. Other things that you want to say

Perhaps just, Have a wonderful day!



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