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2022.06.02 [Aix-Marseille University] A wonderful time for discovering a new culture




Major : The Liberal Studies Major


Nationality : France


Home University : Aix-Marseille University




Q1. Reasons for applying for Chungbuk National University Exchange Student Program

My home university had various partners in South Korea and I thought choosing a university that was not in Seoul was more interesting for studying and experience Korean life. The location seemed nice and the campus too. Our teachers also recommended this university.


Q2. Good points as CBNU exchange student

As an exchange student you learn more about Korean way of living, the culture and the languages. It helps you learn to be independent and to be more adventurous. If we need help there are various people we can ask to and the teachers are nice. As the city is well located it is easy to get around and visit other interesting places like Seoul, Daejon, Busan and it is not too expensive.




Q3. Characteristics and strengths you would like to introduce to other friends

First of all, as I mentioned earlier the campus is really green it's very pleasant for a walk at any time of the day. Even though it’s big it is quite easy to find your way around.

The city of Cheongju is also enjoyable, thanks to public transports it’s extremely easy to go from one place to another, you can also find a lot of bars, restaurants and shops. Being part of the exchange student program is also a good thing, because you always have someone to talk to if you need something or if you have a problem (the coordinator or your buddy), they will always try to help you solve your problem and that’s extremely helpful for us as student in an ‘unknown’ place.



Q4. How do you feel about living in Korea

It is a wonderful experience, everything is really different from my country but it’s always interesting to learn more about new cultures and way of living. Korean people may appear a bit cold at first but they are just shy and once you talked to them they will be very nice and always try to help you. And when you know a bit of Korean and speak with them, they are very open and happy to hear you speak their languages and start asking a lot of questions, it’s always a nice and fun experience. Since I became an exchange student I learned a lot of thing, I became more independent, I was able to discover and see a lot of new wonderful places/sceneries.






Q5. Advice to your juniors before entering Korea

Be sure to have all the paperwork ready in advance, especially for the visa do it as soon as you can because you can have some issues and have to change your departure date as I had to do.. It takes a long time so do it fast ! Also, I would recommend to learn the basic of the languages to not be too lost once you arrived (how to read 한글 and also basic for asking questions, directions or ordering in a restaurant). Bring warm clothes for winter because it can be very cold, and lighter clothes for summer, Korea is a very humid country so it can be very hot. However, do not bring too much stuffs in your suitcase, you can buy practically everything here so don’t overpack.




Q6. Recommended places in Korea and Cheongju

In Korea, I would recommended to go to Seoul, it’s a very busy city, a mix between modernity and ancient and that’s amazing to see. There are so many thing that you can visit. One of thing I loved to do with my friend was to go to Gyeongbokgung palace (경복궁) wearing hanbok (한복). You can take a lot of pretty pictures and Korean peoples are also very happy when they see you wear their traditional clothing. Another great photo spots is the Color Pool museum it’s a fun museum where you can take a lot of fun and pretty pictures.

In Cheongju I would recommend Suamgol Mural Village, it’s a cute place with murals on houses, you can take a lot of pretty pictures and there are also a lot of cafés where you can hang out with your friends. Yonghwasa Temple is also a very interesting place to visit. Once thing I discovered here are self-photos studios, you can take pictures with accessories and print it out so I think it’s really fun and you can make a lot of memories with you friends.





Q7. What is your favorite food and what food you can’t eat in Korea

I really like Korean BBQ, fried chicken and tteokbokki (when they are not too spicy), it’s always enjoyable to share this food with friends and have fun. However, I don’t really like kimchi it’s too spicy, I can eat it sometimes but that’s not what I like best.


Q8. What is the most memorable event during exchange student programs? Or what event do you recommend?

One of the most wonderful thing was the Seoul Lantern Parade for Buddha’s birthday I really recommend it, it’s long parade with lanterns and dancers, it’s very stunning. At the beginning of spring it was the cherry blossom season and also spring festival in CBNU, everything was so pretty and you take part in some activities: watch a film that was shown in the evening for students, go to a photobooth, a concert




Q9. Difficulties as a foreign exchange student in Korea

The main difficulties as an exchange student is lifestyle, language barrier and missing my family. The lifestyle is very different to what I’m used to so sometimes it’s hard but I’m trying to get used to it. Obviously, the language barrier is sometimes a problem, even though I already know some Korean when I had to do important paperwork or ask for specific things it was a bit hard. And then missing your home and family is sometimes difficult.







Q10. Other things that you want to say

Being an exchange student is a wonderful opportunity to travel and learn new things, don’t be afraid and live your exchange with a lot of fun and adventures. Do as much as you can, try to discover a lot of things and when an opportunity arises take it ! Make new friends and explore the country, don’t always stay in your room.

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