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International Affairs


CEL-UP(CBNU English Language-UP) 프로그램

The Office of International Services is introducing a new five-level conversation course starting in March 2020. This course will develop students’ language skills and boost their confidence in using English in everyday life. With an emphasis on building speaking and listening skills, students will participate in a variety of tasks that will give them the chance to express themselves in English in a number of contexts.

StarterRoadmap A1 : Students' Book | Pearson
Level 1
Roadmap A2 : Students' Book | Pearson
Level 2
Roadmap A2+ : Students' Book | Pearson
Level 3
Roadmap B1 : Students' Book | Pearson
Level 4
StarterStudents in this level of the English Conversation Course:
· can usually make simple English sentences.
· have limited pronunciation control.
· are difficult to understand at times.
· are extremely nervous about speaking English.
· have limited ability to produce grammatically correct sentences.
Level 1
Students in this level of the English Conversation Course:
· can usually make basic English sentences.
· have moderate pronunciation control. (stress, intonation, etc.)
· are willing and able to talk about familiar topics.
· are moderately nervous about speaking English.
· make less grammatical errors.
Level 2
Students in this level of the English Conversation Course:
· have a willingness to talk about familiar and unfamiliar topics.
· have some control of pronunciation.
· have fairly extensive vocabulary.
· have knowledge of basic grammatical structures.
· have some knowledge of subordinate and complex grammatical structures with errors.
Level 3
Students in this level of the English Conversation Course:
· are confident when speaking English.
· have fairly well-controlled pronunciation.
· have extensive vocabulary to talk about familiar and unfamiliar topics.
· have a basic awareness of phrasal verbs and collocations.
· are able to produce simple and complex sentences with a few errors.
· have good control of main verb tenses.
Level 4
Students in this level of the English Conversation Course:
· are confident and willing to talk in length about familiar and unfamiliar topics.
· have clear and consistent pronunciation.
· have extensive vocabulary to communicate ideas clearly and on a variety of topics.
· have fairly good knowledge of less common lexical expressions.
· have good knowledge of simple and complex grammatical structures with mixed success.



DebateThis course will provide students the opportunity to develop research and argumentation skills. Students will learn and practice delivery techniques that enhance communication. Before a debate, students will work together to research and gather information to persuade others to share their point of view. Various topics like cell phone use in the classrooms or dress codes are the types of issues students will debate. As well as world issues or issues related to music or sports. By the end of the course, students will be able to think critically, write clearly, and speak effectively.
Current EventsThis course will focus on current events on the national and international levels and identify the impact they have on the world and our society. Students will also analyse major world issues and form their own opinions and explain how these issues affect them and the world around them. The course will emphasize fluency in various themes and expressing oneself in English. The instructor will provide articles, explain key vocabulary and grammar, and deliver various types of language activities.
Academic Writing
This course will focus on writing as a process. Students will learn rhetoric and sentence structure using a step by step approach. The course integrates instruction in paragraph organization, sentence structure, grammar, and mechanics with the writing process. At the completion of the course, students should be able to produce well-organized, clearly developed paragraphs that are essential in academic writing. The course will start by focusing on personal topics and will gradually give way to more academic topics.
TED Talks
This course will utilize the famous TED Talks from Students will develop English language skills, presentation literacy, and explore great ideas through authentic TED Talks. The talks deliver real and fascinating ideas to the classroom. These ideas inspire students to form opinions that they want to share. Activities reinforce vocabulary, assess comprehension, and develop listening and viewing skills.

외국어 클리닉(맞춤형 소규모 외국어 교육 프로그램)

인원1회 (50분) 수강료
1:1 강좌50,000원
1:2 강좌40,000원
1:3 강좌35,000원
1:4 강좌30,000원

· 소규모 맞춤식 외국어교육 프로그램으로 수강생들이 원하는 강좌유형에 따라 강사 선정
· 국제교류본부 학기 중 수시로 접수 가능 (희망수강 일주일 전 전화상담 후 접수 가능)
· 강의 전 면담을 통해 강의내용, 교육수준 날짜 협의
· 개설강좌 : 영어발음 클리닉, 유학대비영어, 영어 프레젠테이션 등 수강생 요청 강좌