Office of
International Affairs


Application Procedure


SemesterDeadline for applyScreening procedureNotification of Acceptance
SpringNovember 20thDecemberBefore the MID January
FallMay 20thJuneBefore the MID July

※ We will send your home institution the Certificate of Admission and the acceptance letter by post.


Regarding Application Qualification, applicants must meet following requirements;
A. Have to complete more than 1 semester at home University.
B. Have to be fluent in speaking and writing in either English/Korean language.
C. Possess above 70%(out of 100%) in a grade point average(G.P.A.) of the whole school years.
   ※ Restriction: Have to submit the TOPIK results above level 5 for applying to Dept. of Korean Language and Literature.
      Also, a final decision for the acceptance will be made by each department.

Document submission

Applicants should submit following documents before the deadline;
A. Application form & Study Plan(Statement of purpose) : Separate 1,2  
    A-a. Joint-Degree Students  Double-Degree Students 

B. Personal Medical Assessment & Applicant Agreement : Separate 3,4  

C. Recommendation Letter from home institution

D. Certificate of Enrollment & D-a. Confirmation letter of Enrollment for Fall 2021 : Sample file

E. Academic Transcript

F. Copy of Passport

G. Financial Proof(The original) : 6month $7,000, 1year $14,000) - ONLY the below country

Ghana, Nigeria, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Iran, Egypt, India, Indonesia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Guinea, Mali, Ethiopia, Uganda, Cameroon, Cambodia

   ※ Application for withdrawal
   ※ All documents should be in Korean or in English. If not, please have your document translated in Korean or in English with confirmation and sealed by an authorized body.



Academic Calendar


SpringMarch 2nd, 2022 ~ June 20th, 20222 days at the end of February
FallSeptember 1st, 2021 ~ December 21st, 20212 days at the end of August

※ Orientation date & Recommended arrival: Notification afterwards (Pick-up service will not provided)



Grading scale  


등급평점평균백분율GradeRateGrading ScaleGrade
(Upon 100)
A+4.54.10 이상 4.5095~100A+4.54.10 over to 4.5095~100
4.03.60 이상 4.10 미만90~944.03.60 over to 4.1090~94
B+3.53.10 이상 3.60 미만85~89B+3.53.10 over to 3.6085~89
3.02.60 이상 3.10 미만80~843.02.60 over to 3.1080~84
C+2.52.10 이상 2.60 미만75~79C+2.52.10 over to 2.6075~79
2.01.60 이상 2.10 미만70~742.01.60 over to 2.1070~74
D+1.51.10 이상 1.60 미만65~69D+1.51.10 over to 1.6065~69
1.00.60 이상 1.10 미만60~641.00.60 over to 1.1060~64
F0.00.60 미만60미만F0.060 underBelow 60


Lecture List

English Lecture List
English Lecture List_Spring
English Lecture List_Fall

Majority of courses are taught in Korean but some of college or department offer a number of English lectures.

Course list can be different, is available in the end of January and July each semester.

A registration for courses will be doing in the middle of August and February with a guideline from OIS.

Semester1st period2nd periodCancellation period
SpringFebruary 14th~15th, 2022March 2nd~8th, 2022March 14th~15th, 2022
FallAugust 16th~17th, 2022   September 1st~7th, 2022September 13th~14th, 2022

※ Course choice is free but some courses may have restrictions.
※ Transcript will be sent to your home university directly after completed the semester.