Machine Learning, Deep Learning

Machine Learning, Deep Learning Program
Ph.D. or Combined MS & Ph.D
Engineering Academic advisor
KeonMyung Lee(이건명)


Requirements & Eligibility

(요구사항 & 자격조건)


Linguistic Ability
(Necessary) Intermediate English
Academic/Research Performance
  (학업/연구 수행능력)
Similar Background
The number of Vacancies
A few
Joining/Starting date/month
  (채용 희망시기)
2024 Fall / 2025 Spring / Fall
Terms of Contract, Stipend/Salary/Scholarship, perks etc.
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Monthly Stipend (Depands on Contributions)
Things to know
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Online interview and CV is required
Website of Prof. Lab.
  (연구실 홈페이지)
Website of Dept.
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Prof. Contact Info.
  (담당자 문의) / ☎ 043-261-2263



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